First post here in WordPress; starting with a phrase.  I have no idea how a blog works, and if anyone in the vast internets gets to read this, apologies in advance for my poor grammar and expression skills; most of my life had been spent in front of a calculator, a computer, video games, the internet, and work (in no specific order).  With that out of the box…


Where does one start with his thoughts?  A story.  At Vitabergsparken yesterday, 13 August 2016, La Dame Blanche performed in front of a full crowd.  I was invited by a couple of Pinoy friends to see her, without really knowing what to expect.  After seeing the drum set and Mac & Cables set-up, you would know that song and dance is on the way.  She came in, and went with a Cuban Hip-Hop / Salsa / Reggae vibe.  I understand that the cigar-holding is part of her image and unique spot in the industry, but I don’t like it.  But what I do like is her transitioning into the flute (and her drummer also playing the clarinet at certain points).  Pure hip-hop rarely appeals to me, but those other segments were done well.  Plus a little reggae will never hurt.  It’s sad though, a lot of her crowd yesterday were from the older generation, and it was obvious not everyone liked hip-hop (urbana cubana hip-hop?) — people stood and left midway the performance.  Several people had suave dance moves though, especially this very expressive girl in a blue dress in front of me.  Way to go!

And zero transition.

What motivates people to do great things?  How does one find his or her passion?  How can some people work non-stop and find value with work?  What’s the endpoint of working — where does this ocean go?  Why do I not have a goal here, living halfway across the planet from home?  Why do I not have any real tangible goals in life?

Thoughts.  Too focused on the periphery without seeing what’s in front?  Please keep me away from social media — especially 9Gag and Youtube.  But where else do I find joy or to pass time without spending a fortune?  If I veer away from those, what would be the point?  All these randomness, does it reflect who or where I am?

I pray for peace, faith, love, and hope (props to Bartender for reminding me of this).  I pray for wisdom and motivation.  I pray for those close to me to be safe, happy, well, strong, to be caring and loving of one another.  And to those dear to me that are tired as much as I am — well, we’re all tired.  I hope one of us finds the strength and the answer to fixing our lives, and get to share this to the world.  Stay strong everyone, please, stay strong.

2. Something About You — by Tandem ’91
3. Laya — by Nea Medina
4. Soulful Beat — by Mocky